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About Claire McLaughlan

Claire works closely with a number of other organisations including;  M J Roddis Associates Ltd (www.mjroddis.com)Nina Murphy Associates LLP (www.ninamurphyassociates.co.uk) and Tricordant Ltd (www.tricordant.com)​: offering remediation and re-skilling services and participating in reviews, investigations and training.  

Claire is a Lay Reviewer for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Invited Reviews, member of the RCPCH Invited Review Programme Board and Lay Member of NHS London (North East & Central London) Performance Advisory Group and is a Lay Chair of their Performers List Decision Panel.  

Now an independent consultant Claire is a former Associate Director of  the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) with a particular interest in the remediation, reskilling and rehabilitation of healthcare professionals and the dynamics, culture and communication within teams.  Claire developed NCAS Back on Track Services for doctors, dentists and pharmacists between 2008 and 2014. 

Claire has worked with over three hundred practitioners, teams and organisations investigating, reviewing and analysing and then developing action plans and return to work programmes to 'make a difference' before irreparable damage was done to patients, the public, practitioners and organisations.  Claire trained as an intensive care nurse, medical educator and barrister and has access to a wide network of resources, individuals and organisations so is able to signpost and recommend relevant interventions, placements and activities as part of holistic and bespoke action planning.